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24 January 2009

[tips to K.U.R.U.S]

1:nasi KURANGkan
2:mknn yg berMINYAK pun JGN mkn
3:mkn SAYUR n BUAH2AN selalu
4:mkn kuantiti SEDIKIT tp BYK kali [4jam sekali]
5:EXERCISE penting taw
6:knela rajin TIMBANG berat bdn tuh
7:jgn kuat TIDO taw..heeeee

[hopE tips niE dptla tolong sapE2 yg raSE nak KURUS]
[aku dah b'JAYA ckitla]
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D

[boy & girL]

[its' norm for a both of u to being a COUPLE][hurmmm...but sumtIMEs we take a TIME to understand SUM other people especially that BOYs...][but when both of THEM have the CHEMISTRY,its' heaven actually][everytHING its' wonderFUL][but sumtIMES,sum pER'GADOHAn tu yang XTAHAN][huhu......][i Luv to faLL in Love but sumTIMES i THINK i dun wanna create that LOVE]huh (.'')