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31 December 2009

New Year 2010

Happy New Year to me & all of u!!!
I hope this new year bring all new light to brightening ur life.
Whateva u try to do it's try to achieved its 1St.
Don't u eva never GIVE UP!
Because its' will not help u in Future!

I hope my 2010s' dream will come true <3
1) maintaining to be a good daughter
2) improving to be a good staff & collegue
3) muslimah sejati. InsyaAllah.
4) get baby (car) :p
5) get marrying with my 'future hubby'

I think thats enough for me!
Hope i will achieved it!
Pray it for me yup!
May Allah blessed us in whuteva we do!

22 December 2009

Actually guys, i'm busy lately because i'm already being HIRED by sum company (can't be mention the company's name here) heeee :))
So, that's y i am not UPDATING my BLOG! i'm so sorry for you!! But i've tried to grab a minute to write sum of mine (informing to you all = blogger lover <3<3)
No need to be Sad ok!! heee :))
Next, i will spend my time on wkend just to updating my BLOG!! Taraaa~
Luv all <3<3<3

with LOVE,
::ieyma axx ismani::

07 December 2009

Esok memulakan Perjalanan Baru~

Nak tahu x ape dia?? Of course la korg nk th sbb tu korg bc blog aku kan? heeee. Aku esok 1st day kje kat Shipping Company as an Account Assistant. Alhamdulillah lps je aku g interview trus jam tuh gak dia bg jawapan yg aku ni diterima & layak tuk Offer yg mereka tawarkan. Alhamdulillah tuk diri sndiri. Haha. :) Congrats to Me! Starting tomorrow gak aku ade aim tuk menabung untuk dpt kan ape yg aku impikan selame ini. Apekah itu?? Tunggu jela bile aku dh CONFIRM dpt ape kah bende itu. Lalalalalaaa :) Doakan ye kwn2 ape yg aku nk akan Dapat!

Tpkan, hari nie gak aku rs kehilangan. Siape yg Hilang? Or apekah Hilang? Ermm.. NYANYA yg hilang sbnrnya. Nyanya my beloved cat! dia la satu2nya kucing yg lain dr yg lain yg sgt aku sayang! Sbb die pon sygg sgt kat aku. Hope he will back soon. Nyanya! Miss U!

01 December 2009

Watch New Moon!!

I luv Jacob Much~ muahhhh

After Bella recovers from the vampire attack that almost claimed her life, she looks to celebrate her birthday with Edward and his family. However, a minor accident during the festivities results in Bella's blood being shed, a sight that proves too intense for the Cullens, who decide to leave the town of Forks, Washington for Bella and Edward's sake. Initially heartbroken, Bella finds a form of comfort in reckless living, as well as an even-closer friendship with Jacob Black. Danger in different forms awaits.

Bella Swan is still very much in love with vampire, Edward Cullen. The rest of the vampire coven who call themselves the Cullens, especially Alice, decide to throw Bella a private party for her eighteenth birthday. Things go wrong when Bella slices her finger and thirst overcomes the vampires. As a result of the danger Bella was put through, the Cullen family decide to leave Forks, Washington. At first Bella exempts herself from all social activities, until she realizes she can coexist with childhood friend, Jacob Black. As usual for Bella, things aren't what they seem. Something is happening to Jacob that he can't explain to Bella, and their friendship starts to deteriorate. But when someone from Bella's past comes back to haunt her, everything will change again.

Last time we see saw Bella Swan she was narrowly escaping the clutches of the evil vampire James while finding love with ''vegetarian'' vampire Edward Cullen. Bella and Edward's lives have been full of nothing but love and bliss however, it all changes one fateful day. On Bella's birthday, her new found friend and sister of Edward, Alice, decides to throw her lavish party, complete with balloons, ribbons and cake that could feed an army. All is well until Bella accidentally cuts her finger whilst opening a present. The result is that Jasper Hale, the newest addition to the Cullen clan, succumbs to his blood lust and attacks Bella. Edward decides that while he and his family are around, Bella's life will always be at risk. So he decides to leave her for her own good. Bella feels her life is over. Enter Jacob Black, a member of the Quilite tribe who manages to bring some joy and meaning back into Bella's life. However as the two become closer, Bella discovers Jacob has a secret of his own- he's a werewolf. As if that wasn't bad enough Bella can't seem to get the love of her life, Edward out of her mind. With new dangers, new friends and new enemies, Bella finds herself choosing between holding on to the past or accepting a new future. But what and more importantly who will she choose?

When Edward leaves Bella, her hole world is turned upside down. With Bella's heart broken, she turns to Jacob (Jake) her best friend to fill the void that was left by Edward. As Bella spends more time with Jake, she learns that there's more than vampires in the town of Forks.

Want to know more about NEW MOOn??? Please watch at TGV or GSC..ngeeee :))