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18 September 2009

Reunion + Breakfasting wif my ex-schoolmate 92-97

Dated on 15 Sept 2009 was a precious moment that i ever had. It is because i was waitin' for the Reunion & Breakfasting with my dearest friends that i ever known from year 1992 untill now. They were became more & more HANSEM, CUTE, CUN, MACHO. haha ;D

Attended were : Fitry Ismail (moderator), Zulkhairi, Hishamuddin, Guntur, Mohd Fahmi, Rahimah (it's me), Khairun Nazihah, Hawa Hamid, Erfiza, Norazlia, Nuraimi, Siti Zuliyana, Nor Sinah. Everybody has changed from previously including me. i got the title 'Miss Kerengga' from Guntur. ouuucchhhh ;P

We have a breakfasting even and then we all have decided to LEPAKING at DATARAN SHAH ALAM SEK 11. Then, we chit chat all the time untill the clock showed 11:00 p.m. Erfiza was shouting : I wanna go back because need to sent Sinah( not feeling well that nite) pity of her.

11:00 p.m, we all moved towards their cars & drive thru their home (me too). And we all have planned to meet again after this before all of us started busy next time!
Hope the next meeting be more enjoyable rather than this time. C ya next time. NewHope *,*