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24 April 2010

22 days

Keep on counting.
keep keep keep
22 days left!


23 April 2010

23 days

Another 23 days left
Still waiting

IeymaAxx Ismani

20 April 2010

27 days

27 days left!
Who will be the _____?
Keep on waitin'


28 days

28 days.
I'm waiting for that moment.
U know y?
It's because I will become a 25 years old woman.
I hope that I will celebrate the Precious Moment with a Special One.
But, It wasn't the same with Last Year.

I'm not 'happy' like others anymore.
Hope that someone will replaced him.
I'm waiting for that moment.
Who else want to care about me?
No one! Wuwu
I'm so Sadness!

Keep counting my Precious Day until the Day.
28 days left.


18 April 2010

Xku sangka

Salam Sume. Wahhhhhh agak lama la aku xb'Blog!!
Bukan xnk b'Blog tp 3mnggu lepas, byk benda t'jadi kat aku.
Nak aku 'list' down kan ke ape yg t'jadi pd diriku ini??Anggukk pale or Gelengg?
Which one do you prefer?

As, BB of course la korg akan ANGGUK pale korg. Tul x? haha..
Kalu korg BB la kan.. haaa, BB tuh xth ape??
tny laa Emma Xeax, or kwn2 seangkatan ngn kami time AFTAAS dlu..
hehe..BB-BusyBody. Hbis cite..ngahahahaha :D

Okla pasti korg mahu th. Aku th manusia skg ni suke sgt BB. AKu xtuduh sape2 ok. Aku men agak aje..heee :D
-jgn kecik hati taw-

Ok la, aku mahu 'List' kan ape yg t'jadi dlm tempoh 3mnggu yg lalu:

1. 26 March 2010 : My little PluPlu was missin'. i really missed him muchh!2. 29 March 2010 : I was accident near with traffic lite in front of Uitm Shah Alam. Accident for the 1st time of my life. Huhu. Alhamdulillah now, i already 'Re-cover' & actually can ride the motorbike again. Haha :D

3. 03 April 2010 : I'm officially got the title "SINGLE" because him let me go freely. Huhu. Thanks for everythin u've done to me for a 3years ago. I really appreciated it Much!! Missed Him!!
4. 09 April 2010 : I went to meet 'J' & settle down all any what he wants for me. & now i'm just waitin' til I get that. 'That' ----> Wait & See ya. hee :D

5. 10 April 2010 : I was attended the SPA's examination situated at SMK Sek 27, Shah Alam with both of other friends named Paan & Najwa. Wish all the best for the result will announced 17 May 2010. I'm waitin.

Haaa. Tu la tarikh2 penting ape yg t'jadi kat aku spnjg 3 mnggu lebih itu. So aku hanya mampu SABAR & TABAH menempuh dugaan dariNYA! Wish me luck babe..
Ieyma Axx Ismani