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27 August 2010

ohhh what?

be ur self. love this pic!! :p

Ohhhh. What a busy weekend.

I'm just came to my office.

Without any feelings at all.

Just came & havin fun with all stuffs *my works*.

Tension always here & there.

Do I care when Tension come to me?

Nop! I'm not scared of any Tension. haha

Cool babe are you?

Maybe because still havin feeling to stay at the office until evening.

WTF!!! WTH!!!

What ever too many works, i'm not feeling *Down*

I'm just feeling wanna *Knock You Down* Haha.

Don't be silly Daeng. U will get Mad of sumone, right?

Ohhhhh Its' not me if i'm feeling Mad of sumone.

I'm a luckily person with a HAPPY mood. Do U care? No Thanks.

Ohhhh feel free to listen to 'Lagu Raya'.

Now I'm in a Raya Mode ok. Lazy bum to do my works! Argghhhhh.

Anything just let me know my dear friend.

If wanna be like me, just let urself be urself!!

Ignore others its better rather than 'Kepochi' to others!!

Lalalalalalalaaa :)

I love myself & I. Who cares? No one!!