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10 November 2010


Just want to share with all of u.
Today result UPSR pon kuar.
So, I nak say CONGRATULATION to my adik bongsu sbb dpt 3A2B!!!
Ape pon u were doing a good job my dear.
So pasni kne melangkah masuk ke alam Secondary School lak syg.
Xmo main2 dah. Kne rajin2 blaja taw.
Klu x, mcm ne nak jd mcm akak2 & abg kamu masuk UNIVERSITI ;)

We all support U from Bottom to Top!!!

P/s: TAHNIAH to MEREKA2/ADIK2/Adik TEDDY yg dpt keputusan yg memberangsangkan/membanggakan ibubapa kita!! Xpe ni bru 1st level eh adik2. Ada byk masa lagi tuk melangkah ke HADAPAN!!!! ;)

How to train ur KITTY/CAT!!!

gmbr hiasan tuk tatapan umum

Dear my dearest friend!!!
Here I wanna to share the SHORT & SIMPLE tips for u to train/take care of the KITTY ;)

There are several things to do to ensure KITTY feeling safely.

Important thing to care of is about the KITTY's meal. KITTY needs to eat twice or more per day. For a KITTY, just give it a meal likes WHISKAS or (yg sewaktu dgnnya) ;)
For a CAT, u can simply feed it with ikan goreng plus nasi putih ;) (janji knyg perot).
Drink? KITTY or CAT leh layan je sume air :p

2ndly, KITTY or CAT needs to take a bath at least once a week. If u feel so RAJIN, u can shower the KITTY or CAT once for 4/5 days. For KITTY, normally used suam2 kuku air for shower k. But for CAT, any types of water even the cold one also can dear ;) (jnji wangi taw sygg)
Don't forget used some shampoo or soap for KITTY/CAT eh.

3. POWDER (bedak sbnrnya) :D
After take a bath, KITTY/CAT should letakkan BEDAK.(bg wangi ok). Of course u will love them much2 after this.

U needs to spend time at least 15-30 minutes to play with ur KITTY/CAT eh dear. Sure he/she will be so 'manja' with u later on. Keep on layan he/she to so that the KITTY also didn't feel BORING :)

5. BEDtime
KITTY/CAT should have a proper place to sleep. So as long they feels comfortable with the place they choose, u needs to ensure the place is clean & clear Ok!! ;)

Is that enough for U to make sure ur KITTY/CAT in a good condition??
Hurm, I don't think so.

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