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23 March 2011

SPM Result 2010

Alhamdulillah to ALLAH the Al-Mighty.

I just wanna to share the HAPPINESS & JOYFUL

to all of you because my 5th Little Sister named @FB Nadya Ismani

which got 6A 3B & 2C for her SPM result 2010.

Is the best result ever in our family members after Angah's result(my brother)

I've heard from one of radio station in Malaysia (Fly.fm)

which informs that SPM result for 2010 is the best result ever for 4years before.

I'm happy to hear about that.

Majority of SPM 2010 candidates might be a CLEVER students.

Glad to hear the best result even though my result not as good as them!!!!


21 March 2011

13 March 2011

Strive for Excellent!!!!
XOXO ♥♥♥

InsyaALLAH Ameen ♥

"Tulang rusuknya" dlm bdn kamu kah?

Welcome everybody!!! OMG!!
Lame nya Daeng xon myBe-Blog kan kwn².
Daeng busy & xde story yang leh share kowt.
That's why Daeng xpost any "new entry".


Kwn² jgn risau. Wlupon xde new entry, Daeng tetap akan cuba meng'POST'kan entry² yang leh kita baca bersama² ;)

Merujuk pd tajukk atas tuh kan?? ape sbnrnya eh Daeng nak cite?
*korg msti pkir²kan kan??*

Nothing special issue occured actually.
It's just about a suddenly things happen without our prediction.

In sum situation:
(kwsn rehat genting sempah)

Pasangan ni dah order mknn. Tinggal nak order air je lg.
Tp xbli2 lg air then si Suami ni lak bertanyakan pada si Isteri,

"nak order air ape yunk?".....si Suami

(si Isteri berfikir dlm kepala otak nya cuma ada dua jenis air yang dia nak mnum)
(iaitu air 100 plus & air kickapoo) ........si Isteri berfikir

"B, air ape² jela yunk xkisah" ........jwb si Isteri

"Okeh tggu jap B g bli k" .......sahut si Suami

-3 minit kemudian-

"Nahhh, yunk ni airnya" ......si Suami menyapa si Isteri smbil menghulurkan air yg dibelinya.

"@#$#^%*&^($%^%*&^@!#"....si Isteri speechless

Rupa²nya si Suami membelikan 2 tin air tuk mereka satu adalah air 100 plus & satu lg air Kickkapoo. Betapa unpredictable nya situasi itu. Adekah kerana mmg mereka ni Jodoh yg ALLAH dh tetapkan??

Wallahu'alam. ♥♥♥