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05 January 2011

Stay Happy!!

Tips to be a HAPPY PERSON ;)

1. Control ur EMOTION. Need to be balance all the time. Don't be to EMOTIONAL all the time.

2. Feels everyday is a GOOD/HAPPY day for U!

3. Avoid any BAD element comes to ur LIFE. E.g of BAD element likes a people who likes to see u suffer all the time. Blah to all of them!

4. Listen to the BEST music that can calm ur feelings. I FEEL GOOD ;)

5. Go DATING with ur lover. Might increase ur happiness. Ngeee

6. Doing WHAT u tend to do for e.g Jogging/surf Internet/cooking. So that, confirm u feel HAPPY :p

7. Keep smiling :)

8 onwards, try to explore any tips if I get, I will share with all.

Tata ;)