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14 February 2011

Appreciate ur TRUE friend

Aku terharu dgn kata² one of my dearest friend in FACEBOOK.
(She's such a great & understanding friend for me)

One of status that she posted on her FB wall:

When U're given a gift by ALLAH swt *may it be any skills or talent*, NEVER ever misuse it 4the purpose 2hurt or 2take advantage on others.

Because when U do, DON'T be surprised if 1day ALLAH swt decides 2take it all away.

Thus, be thankful 4what U have. Everything that was given by ALLAH swt has it's purpose 4the human kind :)

.....& what she's trying to tell us is TRUE,
"U need to be THANKFUL to ALLAH for what U HAVE"

Sumtimes, people don't bother about it!!
I've LOST the one who I love much but maybe "He" is not good for me & also he might NOT be my destiny so I just let him go. I think he was not a better "JODOH" for me.

U as HAMBANYA, need to try hard & give effort for it & always pray for the best in future.

She's replying my comment:

Kak ieyma dear, I think as human beings it is sort of our nature to sometimes take things for granted~

BUT what matter most is, when we realize that we're in that position, always reflect back what we have & Don't forget to be thankful to HIM :) ♥

It's okiey kakakku,everything happens for a reason~most of the time, it is so that we can learn a lesson from it to become a better person in the future :) ♥ InsyaALLAH ♥ HuGs ♥

.......she was such a good advicer for me.
Thanks my dear Aimi Abd Halim because ALLAH give us a chance to knowing each other in this lifetime. Ameen!!! ^^