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05 April 2011

Jgn berani USIK si KETAM!

Cerita aku xde kaitan dgn gmbr KETAM kat bwh ni!!!!

Jangan BERANI USIK!!!!!
Apsal lak xleh usikk ketam ni??
Bukan!! Bukan usikk si ketam ni tp USIKK si MAK KETAM yg ada kat mane² laa.
Hati sakettt org xtahu kan. Tp xperlu sakett sgt sbb si MAK KETAM sekor ni.

Bukan nak mengata tp nak KATA ckit laa ngn korg.
Rsnya Daeng xde wat salah ape pon tp kan, br USIK kau skit, kau dh jd POYOSSSSS gile kan. Tahu laaa ko xsm taraff umur ngn aku. Bukan umur je tp dr segi mcm² kite mmg BERBEDA :)
Tp, xde laa smpi nak kaco kau skit pon xleh dah kot.

Klu kau rasa kau baguss sangat, kau teruskan laa ngn idupp kau k.
Kami² yg xsetarapp ni mmg xHINGIN nak kaco kau pon.
Buang MASA!
Buang DUIT!! (duitt xde kaitan laa!) hehe

Dah laaaa. Jam pon dh tunjukk kul2 ptg. Nakk smbung bekerja!!!
Daeng sgt dedikasi mahu jadi BOSS nnti suatu hari pasti!! :))
Wassalam ^__________^

Game Over & Press Start ^^

You're my SUNSHINE, My only SUNSHINE ^^
(bakal ada laa. bukan skg!!! teeheeeeee~♥)
Jgn pedulikk hal hidup aku if malas nk masuk lam hidupp aku k!!
Aku tak paksa korang tuk menghayati kehidupan aku :)

Chopppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ape tibe² ada gambar GAME OVER lak kt bwh ni??
Game xstart lg kot kan?? Ohhh OVER for a previous cerita ^^
Enuffff!!! It's OVER!!!
So kite try start NEW CERITA laa pasni eh???
Sape brani nak press START BUTTON???
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :))
Promise!!!! ^^

Human beings are born to have EMOTIONs

Assalammualaikum w.b.t
First of all,
Can you all forgive me if I have done sumthing stupid & make cause to BROKE your HEART. I'm kinda little HAMBA ALLAH who always make MISTAKES!!!! It's dedicated to all my friends who feel likes "don't want to be friend with me anymore"

InsyaAllah, I will be GOOD muslimah other than before. You will recognise that sumtimes people would not conscious on what THEY HAVE BEEN DONE to their beloved friends.
As a GOOD Muslim & Muslimah, you should know what you want for your life!!!

I would like to share TRUE stories about my friends in this real life.

The FIRST situation I've heard is from one of my truly friends, (Wan-nickname),

She shared wif me about her cousin matter. Her cousin (si N), was married about 2years with a guy (si F). I really don't know about their marriage so I can't comment more than what I was expect. Wan told me that, si F was moved to other new workplace. Then he was mentioned to all of the colleagues at his office that he is a WIDOWER!!! But, He is not divorce yet with si N. What can I say that, si F have a relationship with sumone (si U) in their workplace.

Most of people are not know the true status of this SHIT MAN! Then, si U told everybody that they will getting married on JUNE.

What I've thinking that:
1. What about his WIFE si N? Is she gives permission if he wanted to married other woman?
2. Is he seriously don't want his wife anymore?
3. How he lie to his girlfriend about his marriage with his wife, si N?

What Wan told me that, si N only REDHA what people said about her husband. Si N told Wan that if this the good thing for her husband to get married with sum other woman, she just want to let her husband go. However, si N is really LOVE her husband much!

How could si N so tough to face all this matters??
Why those thing happen to all the kind people likes si N??
Is that there are any KIND person & GOOD person out there is suitable with her?

We just can pray for her with what she facing thru out her life.

For Whom, who face any matters which is still have the chances to get rid of it, try to solve the problem first rather than let it go easily.

Allah will have a GOOD guidance for us.
We as HAMBA, try to pray always & never forgot ALLAH.
InsyaALLAH, all the matters will be solve.
Ameen (: