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16 August 2011

Asking for SAME question

Ya ALLAH! Please be ensure that I'm strong enough to face all the question being asking all the time. HUH~! People sometimes don't bother about ourselves. Or else they just ignore our feelings. We are just an ORDINARY HUMAN BEING, therefore all those happen to us is related to all the FEELINGS. For example, the question being asking all the time is just like this;

*Have you meet HIM once you at his place?
*How about HIM? Did him call you?
*Why don't you going date with HIM?
*When did HIM want to meet us?
*Where did HE leave?
*When was the last day you meet HIM?

Ohhhhh MG!!!! Please lah! Stop asking me all that type of question. I'm SICK of it. Please focus more on our LIFE rather than busy body to know about others. HUH~! May ALLAH bless everything what we have done to others. And hope that one day people will stop and feel BORING to asking all that type of question. Happy Fasting Day (: