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24 October 2011

Love your Life

Assalammualaikum w.b.t & a very good morning to all my blogger friends!
(OMG! skema siott ayattt. Mcm nak masuk Pidato lak) -__-'

For the good morning today, Tuesday: Dated 25th October 201
I would like to share you some of the Wonderful Quotes for life :)
Hope we can be the "Best" for life in the Best way.

Lets' start with the "From the Heart":

*The worst prison would be a closed heart -Pop John Paul II

*Love is a great beautifier -Louisa May Alcott

*Friendship is Love without his wings -Lord Byron

Then proceed with "Regarding Life":

*Each day is a little life -Schopenhauer

*Happiness is a direction, not a place -Syndey J. Harris

*Life is meant to be lived -Eleanor Roosevelt

From the "Lighter Side":
*Fall seven times, stand up eight -Japanese Proverb

*In walking, just walk. In sitting, just sit -Yun Men

*Hitch your wagon to a star -Ralph Waldo Emelson

That's enuff for today! Wanna built up ourself, strive to build up your CONFIDENT first.
InsyaALLAH, what you give you get back.

Simple Islamic quote to share:

"Allah does not judge you on how BAD you have in the past, but rather on how GOOD you strive to be now" -Yasir Qadhi

Happy Deepavali to all My Indian's Friends :)
Lot's of Luv: