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26 October 2011

Pre-Graduation Day

Testing : Me
Take 1!!

Take 2!!!

Take 3!!!

Just for FUN!
Me, Nadya & Meyra were went to Tasik Shah Alam,
just to take a simple shooting just for FUN! Haha.
But pity to tell here that Honey (my 4th sister)
was not joining us because she was so busy to 'layan' her beloved friends!
It's okeh lah, Honey was so kuat berpegang pd "Semangat Setia Kawan"
So what can I say huhh??
I'm feel Thankful to Allah because give chances to my both sister to grade on time without any problem :') Thank You Allah!!
InsyaALLAH, we will sure to make our parent feel proud of us! yeahhhh bebeh ^___^

Lots of Luv:
Triple D XOXO!!