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05 November 2011

Takdir Allah, kita tak tahu :)

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t
Hye guys, how r u doing today??
Hope everything gonna be fine. Hr ni hari ape?
Selamat Hari Raya Korban guys!!!!!

Korban disebalik meraikan Hari Raya Korban ini??
*penghayatan tentang peristiwa KORBAN yg berlaku antara Nabi Ibrahim bersama anak lelakinya Nabi Ismail. Nabi Ibrahim snggup mengorbankan anak lelaki nya , Nabi Ismail kerana ALLAH s.w.t. Peristiwa itu memberi ikhtibar kepada umat Islam sehingga ke hari sekarang. Waalalhu'alam :)

Back to the top topic, What shud I say?
Nothing just a bit impressed/shocked with what happen to me.
Accidently, or unbelievable thing does happen to me yesterday (a day before Hari Raya Aidiladha) me were going out with my Po, then while get into his car, he was showed me the 'REDBOX' -kotak merah yg bukan tuk meng'karoks'kan diri tp KOTAK MERAH yg berisi emas :')

Ang I'm not joking for that KOTAK MERAH okeh guys. It's really a RING inside the 'redbox'. I'm seriously a bit shocked. but I'm happy for that too. He seriously mean it to have me as a part in his life. & so I feel so thankful to ALLAH because give me & him a chance to know each other in this time now onwards. Maybe 'Ada Hikmah Di Sebalik Yang Berlaku' . & I was so happy for that. He wants me to try if the RING is suit with my 'Jari Manis' or not, & therefore after try it, It's SUIT with my finger :)

Thanks syg coz sudi being a part in my life. & I will appreciated you as imperfect HAMBA ALLAH in this Bumi ALLAH :) Thank you ALLAH. *Alhamdulillah*

Wait for the next round/move to the next level. Ngee XDD *so excited*
Ameen ^^

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